Leadership Fund: Honoring the Hendersons


Tinner Hill would still be here without the dedicated work of the Hendersons - but the Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation, the Tinner Hill Blues Festival, the Dear Editor Contest and several other important events and programs would not. Learn more about the Hendersons' work here.

People and organizations such as Mike Diener, Tori McKinney, Alan Brangman, Foxes Music, Sisler Stone and Don Beyer Automotive have contributed generously to Tinner Hill so that the mission will continue. It must continue!

Join the Leadership Circle with your pledge to donate $10,000 or more to our Leadership Fund. Benefits of the Leadership Circle include a commemorative brick at the Tinner Hill Historic Site, and for the next three years Website presence for you or your organization, recognition at Foundation events, two free tickets to all Foundation events, two invitations to an annual Leadership Circle reception, and membership on the Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation Advisory Board.

Please help sustain the Hendersons' legacy by contributing to our Leadership Fund and by joining the Leadership Circle.